Concrete batching machine machine installation tutorial Comments Concrete batching machine is automatic batching equipment supporting the use of one of the mixer, the ratio of the ingredients can be done automatically based on user-defined material concrete. The device can also be based on user demand, in combination with the corresponding concrete mixer, can be composed of a variety of different forms, combinations of different specifications of mixing station. Its presence has greatly enhanced the production efficiency and the quality of concrete, is an indispensable building engineering machinery and equipment. clcmt-6 dasion 6cbm concrete mixer truck However you want to use high-efficiency concrete batching machine, you need to install the proper equipment, as well as empty running tests to ensure the normal operation of the latter part of the device.     1. concrete batching machine arrived, should the packing list inventory carried accessories and technical documents are complete, whether the defect inspection machine parts;     2. Users must lay the foundation base map based on the purchased product;     3. Press the mounting position of the base map in place, so that at the level of state agencies;     After loading the sensor, remove the hopper, said fixing bolt 4. concrete batching machine will go, so that said hopper in normal working condition;     5. Check the transmission part is flexible, connecting parts of the bolt is loose;     6. Press the "ingredients controller specification" in succession to install the electrical circuit, including: a main power cable and various motor cable, sensor cable and cable remote control;     7. Make the empty running test, check the motor rotation is correct;     8. Press the batching controller specification lowest price dasion concrete mixer truck requirements, simulated batching cycle test on a variety of materials for small weighing set, check whether the automatic cycle ingredients.     be especially wary:     1. The total power to the electrical box should be set up between the knife;     2. Ingredients controller will not allow the power and ground zero line wrong, otherwise serious accidents;     3. ingredients control device to be grounded, resistance of less than 4 ohms;     4. batching controller placement should be set up sun, rain, dust, lightning and other facilities. PLD series concrete batching machine structure and principles PLD series concrete batching machine is a mixer supporting the use of foreground and automatic dispensing equipment, devices with computer control, digital display, and a wired remote control, with a weighing accuracy, high batching accuracy, speed, control, and other advantages. You can completely replace the manual scale or volume measurement units, and with changes in customer demand, and constantly improve product performance. Heres a brief look at PLD series concrete batching machine structure and principle of it! I hope for your help purchase concrete batching machine!     PLD series concrete batching machine by feeding system, dasion a7 6×4 small concrete mixer truck weighing system and electrical control system which has three major components.     1. Feeding system: storage hopper and feeding devices and other components, the main function is to store the material composition and under the control of the control system, to say the feed hopper. To form feeding system: PLD800-1200 type of belt conveyor feeding;     2. The weighing system: weighing system is a key part of ingredients by said hopper, suspension and weighing system sensors, batching controller and other components.     3. Electrical control system: electrical control system is a core part of batching machine, its function is to realize the whole weighing batching machine, display, operation and complete a variety of automatic batching process. The system is mainly composed of ingredients controller and the amount of strong electrical circuit portion.     4. The concrete batching machine works: (available when installing artificial feeding batching machine underground) Previous work by the loader are supplied sand, stone materials to each hopper. By batching controller specification requirements, to enter the recipe ingredients controller (unused material must be zero). After pressing the button of ingredients, batching machine began to enter the automatic batching process. Its work process: first material Ⅰ belt to work, will feed Ⅰ transported to said hopper when said hopper feed Ⅰ when the weight reaches the set value, material Ⅰ belt conveyor automatically stops; then feed belt conveyor II automatically open When the weight of said material in the hopper reaches material Ⅰ, setting values ​​and item II, the feed belt conveyor material I stopped feeding belt conveyor Ⅲ start working. So after four material 8m3 sino dasion 6×4 concrete mixer truck filled and the machine will wait for the material in the state. Then press the feed button, the feed belt conveyor to work with a good concrete dry material discharged into the mixer hopper. After completion of the material discharge belt conveyor automatically stops and automatically start the second cycle of ingredients, the end of the second cycle of ingredients, and wait for the material, and so forth.